24option scam or not? Here is the shocking truth


24option scam or not? Is this binary options broker a reliable partner for investing? In this article, I will give you the 2 main reasons why I do not advise you this broker, but in a general way, what you absolutely must avoid and mistakes not to commit when you choose a broker.

What you need to know before investing any euro

Nowadays, many new assets are becoming extremely popular. Some allow real enrichment (like cryptocurrency), while others are real scams.

If we take the case of binary options for example, just make a small calculation to quickly realize it. If you are an average trader with 50% of positive trades and 50% of negative trades, then you are already a loser, insofar as 24option (scam or not), you pay 85% of your investment in case of positive trades.

Therefore, the small calculation of the expectation of gain shows us well that you are loser: (50% * 0.85) – (50% * 1) = -0.075. The expectation of gain is negative. 24option scam or not? It starts badly.

To the question: 24option scam or not, I would answer no, on the merits. By cons, the binary options he offers you to trade, they are. No one has ever gotten rich with binary options.

Yes but 24option allows me to trade other assets!

Binary options are becoming less popular and more and more associated with a scam, 24option also offers trading Forex, CFDs and commodities.

Again, on the bottom, to the question ” 24option scam or not? “, Of course not. Many brokers offer to trade forex or similar assets.

24option scam or not? I asked myself. And my first reflex concerns the security of funds that I place at my broker.

I repeat it very often, but it is one of the keys to success in trading and investment. Your partner must have a serious reputation and guarantee the funds you place.

However, if one wonders: 24option scam or not, it is obvious to go see where is the headquarters of the company.

And like the majority of binary options brokers, 24option’s head office is in Cyprus, which of course has no financial agreement with France.

Concretely, 24option can decide to close shop overnight with the money of its customers, and you will have no way to recover it.

So 24option scam or not?

What is the result? 24option scam or not? For me, it is obvious that I will not place 1 euro at home, for the reasons mentioned above.

Once again, a lot of false solutions are developing more and more, aiming to deceive the end customer. Yet, if the stock market has an advantage, it is because its rules are immutable.

The trading techniques that worked 10 years ago, still work today. The rules are always the same.

I am surprised to see so many new “miracle” methods while I earn my own life on the stock market for over 10 years on own account, with a simple swing trading strategy to apply (anyone can put it in place).

I observe trends, I measure their explosiveness, I place myself at the precise moment, and I leave when the movement is out of breath.

It’s that simple.

And this is also the rule that I force myself to respect on stock market training, created in 2012: Simple methods, in simple language, without needing a sixth sense or having spent 20 years of its life in finance to put them in place.

In this article, we answered the question: 24option scam or not? Now is the time to turn to effective trading strategies, which have been working for years.

I give you the trading system that I use for over 11 years!

I developed my trading system more than a decade ago. He went through all the seasons of the stock market. He has always done well, crisis or not.

It is the result of an adaptation of the well-known methods in investment banks, but I adapted it for the individual, beginner or insider who only has a computer and an internet connection.

This system covers 100% of the aspects. It tells you what to trade, when to buy, when to sell, it calculates your position size in relation to your capital …

But above all, it is mechanical. That is, it does not require a sixth sense or special experience in the markets. You just have to follow the trading plan to the letter (and that’s where the difficulty lies).

I made everything extremely simple so that anyone can put it in place, even without experience in the stock market.

No technical prerequisites are necessary and I take everything from the beginning in a really simple language (no complicated blah blah, only concrete and easy to understand).

I have trained more than 500 people in this complete trading system since 2012 (yes already 7 years for the first students!), And you can recopier it before the end of the day too.


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