Free PDF trading course: I give you ALL


You decided to learn the stock market seriously and you went in search of a free PDF trading course that is both complete and easy to learn.

I decided to create a PDF where I give you all my strategy. This novice beginner trading course will give you concrete bases to be able to start well on this market.

What you will find in the free PDF trading course

The free PDF trading course is a “mega pack” of 6 modules, made available for a limited time.

It aims to give you all the keys to start well and get an idea of ​​different interesting markets and how to trade.

It also contains a unique video that is not publicly viewable (I did not post it anywhere, it’s only for members of the private group).

Here is everything you will find in this free PDF trading course available as a free download at the end of the article.

1. Beginner trading course: On which trading platform trader?

The first chapter of this introductory trading course will be dedicated to trading platforms, and on which to guide you according to your objectives.

Three different solutions will be discussed, each with its advantages and disadvantages.

2. All about trading

guide to trade free

In this chapter of the free PDF trading course, you will learn which markets are interesting to trade and which strategy to put in place.

The strategy and the trading plan are the keys to succeed in the stock market and this chapter will open your eyes to the methodology to be used to succeed in this field.

3. Online trading course: Guide to trading cryptocurrency (Bitcoin), what strategy to use when you know anything about it?

I take you by the hand to make you a quick point on cryptocurrency and how to trade. In the beginning trading course, we will come back in detail on the 3 best cryptocurrencies to trade and for what reason.

All are not equal, and you must identify 2 important criteria before placing your first order. I will show you which ones.

4. Online Trading Courses: How to Detect Trends in 30 Seconds CHRONO

The free PDF trading course includes a bonus video that will show you how to detect stock market trends in 30 seconds. Thanks to this little trick, you will be able in a few seconds to know in which direction the tendency is and to be able to place orders in its direction.

Imagine a strong current. It is easier to swim in his direction than to countercurrent, which is a futile struggle.

5. Beginner trading course: My complete strategy, detailed in 6 points

The biggest point of this beginner trading course is the stage where I will show you my complete strategy, without a language of wood. I give you absolutely everything and you will know exactly how I have been trading successfully for ten years.

I detail for you all the points, step by step, in the free PDF trading course.

6. Binary Options: Flee!

The penultimate chapter of the free PDF trading course will be devoted to online binary options. I’ll show you why the binary options do not work, with the calculation of the expectation of gain.

Once you understand how to do this little calculation, you can apply it to any strategy to know if it is profitable or not in the long run!

7. Free Trading Course PDF: The Truth About Private Traders Who Earn

This complementary beginner trading course is also offered. It opens your eyes to the particular traders today, and invites you to choose right now the “right way”.

This chapter can really change your vision of trading and you can save years of thinking, wasting time and money, in the space of 5 minutes.

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