Learn To Trade Online For Free: Complete Guide

guide to trade free
guide to trade free

Want to learn how to trade online for free, and avoid thousands of euros of loss? Which strategy works best when you start? Which market, and which platform? At the end of this article, you will get a much clearer view to start learning to trade online for free.

The secret of profitable traders (yet so simple)

When we want to learn how to trade online for free, we first look for the “perfect” strategy. The trading strategy that is supposed to allow you to win very often.

But know that you can earn your living on the stock market, even if you cheat 75% of the time. This is very easily demonstrated with the expectation of winning formula.

Do not panic, it’s very simple to understand. For example, if on every trade that you open, you invest € 100 with a goal of gain of € 310, even if you deceive 3 times out of 4 you are profitable:

Gain expectancy = (25% * 300) – (75% * 100) = +2.5

The goal is to make you understand that the stock market is riddled with a priori, “we say” and “myths” peddled at the office or the local bistro, by people with no experience in this field.

But if you want to learn how to trade online for free, you need to understand a universal stock market principle. It’s kind of the secret to knowing if there was to be one.

Let’s ask ourselves: What makes a particular trader profitable? What quality? Which method? His sixth sense?

The secret is that at first the trader has acquired a profitable trading plan over the long term, and in a second time applied it to the letter, without asking any questions or letting his emotions dictate. his choices.

We will return to these two principles in this article to learn how to trade online for free.

Principle # 1 to learn how to trade online for free: Create or recover a profitable trading plan

The trading plan allows you to know what to do, for how much, when, under what circumstances, etc …

Specifically, he knows all possible cases and tells you exactly when to buy, for what amount, how to manage the open position, when to resell …

It’s your ultimate guide. To learn how to trade online for free, you need to create your own trading plan (do not panic, I’ll give you mine at the end of the article).

Once you have mastered the strategy, you can even do without it ( I provide a checklist to print to my students that they use the first few weeks).

I took several years to create mine because I tested just about every possible strategy until I came up with a prototype that works and that I have optimized for several years.

Then, when it was sharpened to its maximum, I did not change it once in more than 10 years. It crosses all the seasons of the stock market, crises, and recessions without any problem.

But above all, it is mechanical. That is to say that even my grandmother or a 14-year-old could apply it without a problem, because it does not require a sixth sense or market experience!

Principle # 2 to learn to trade online for free: Apply the trading plan to the letter, without asking questions

If you understand the essence of this article to learn to trade online for free, and you really want to get started with a mentor who has been trading for years, get started with me! (be careful, limited places).

I give you the trading system that I use for over 11 years!

I developed my trading system more than a decade ago. He went through all the seasons of the stock market. He has always done well, crisis or not.

It is the result of an adaptation of the well-known methods in investment banks, but I adapted it for the individual, beginner or insider who only has a computer and an internet connection.

This system covers 100% of the aspects. It tells you what to trade, when to buy, when to sell, it calculates your position size in relation to your capital …

But above all, it is mechanical. That is, it does not require a sixth sense or special experience in the markets. You just have to follow the trading plan to the letter (and that’s where the difficulty lies).

I made everything extremely simple so that anyone can put it in place, even without experience in the stock market.

No technical prerequisites are necessary and I take everything from the beginning in a really simple language (no complicated blah blah, only concrete and easy to understand).

I have trained more than 500 people in this complete trading system since 2012 (yes already 7 years for the first students!), And you can recopier it before the end of the day too.


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