No-Calais: A bear thrower caught by animal defenders


ANIMALS Animal advocates protest a bear showing at a village party

Posted on 09/09/19 at 6:40 pm – Updated 09/09/19 at 18:40

Back to the Middle Ages. Who would have thought that one could fall on a bear in the Pas-de-Calais? Nobody and this is normal, the Hauts-de-France is not a region known for hosting plantigrades. And yet, Sunday, the inhabitants of Racquinghem, near Saint-Omer, have indeed seen a mammal of this species in the middle of the town. The town hall had indeed invited a bear driver to give a show at the village festival. Except that animal advocates do not look favorably at this medieval exhibition.

On Sunday, Alexandre Poliakov, a bear thrower from Loir-et-Cher, appeared with his star plantigrade, Micha, at the Racquinghem party. He is one of the last five people in France to offer this kind of show, widely criticized by the association for the protection of nature and endangered species, Aves France: “We know well and follow this gentleman who owns three bears. everything, “assures Christophe Court, president of the association.

“The bear showers, they come at the request of the town halls”

Aves emphasizes that Micha is not a healthy animal: “He does not use his claws, they tend to get in the paws and cause injuries and infections,” says the association. According to Christophe Court, in mid-2019, the veterinary services of the DDPP of Loir-et-Cher have called on the trainer to perform the necessary care before they can continue to produce Micha in public.

In good health or not, for Aves, the place of a bear is neither in a zoo nor in municipal festivals. A postulate that many people seem to adhere to given the number of petitions and tens of thousands of signatures collected. Except legally, bear showmen can exercise freely. “Municipalities can make decrees against circuses with wild animals and refuse to settle on their territory. But the bear showers, them, come at the request of the town halls “, regrets Christophe Court.

A bill introduced in May 2019

If the government put his own, things could go very quickly at Aves: “There are only eight bears in the hands of trainers in France. For all, we already have places in adapted sanctuaries, “says Christophe Court. There is also a proposed law, tabled in the National Assembly last May by MP (LR) Bérangère Poletti, aiming at “the ban on any traveling or fixed show using bears or wolves”. On the other hand, no date has been set for a review of this proposal.

In vain, 20 Minutes tried to reach the Racquinghem town hall. The assistant in charge of this question never answered our requests. Idem on the side of the prefecture of Loir-et-Cher and the local veterinary services. Same silence from the ministry side of the ecological and solidarity transition. We have finally found no way to contact the owner of the bear Micha.


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